A11‐17 T3 Baggage Belt and New Awning

A11‐17 T3 Baggage Belt and New Awning

Project: A11‐17 T3 Baggage Belt and New Awning – Civil and Structural Works

Site Location: Fiji Airports, Airside, Zone A and B

Description: Fiji Airports require the Civil and Structural Works to be carried out as indicated in the vicinity of the new T3 baggage belt and new Awning. These works are undertaken in an operational area and require works to be staged so that it enables the continued operation with less interruption. The scope of works includes as follows:

1. Demolition of existing walkway ground floor and first floor from gate 9-11. Demolition includes floor slabs, plinths and existing structure.

2. Construction of 40m x 44m x 200mm thick slab.

3. Construction of 7 foundation pad of 2m x 2m x 1.5m thick.

4. Construction of 100mm EPS Panel walls and ceilings for Baggage scanner room

5. Fabrication of heavy structural steel, gutters and roofing works

6. Trenching works and new inspection pits for relocation of existing services including water, communication services, fire hydrant and electrical services.